Choose React Native for your Mobile App Development

Build Stunning & High-performance Value Apps with our React Native App Development Services

What We Do

React Native has the robustness of Facebook and ease of JavaScript. React Native puts a stop to the age-old confusion that enterprises face when choosing a cost-effective solution. We at Evoke Technologies have refined the mobile app development methodologies that help us to successfully deploy innovative solutions globally. Our experienced team of React Native Developers have been building mobile applications for Android and iOS, and verticals as varied as insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, ISV and so on.

Our Capabilities

We deliver cutting-edge mobile app development solutions for Android and iOS. Here’s the list of cross-platform mobile app development services we offer:

  • React Native iOS App Development
  • React Native Android App Development
  • Mobile UX Designs for React Native apps
  • React Native App Support & Maintenance
  • React Native Resource Augmentation
  • React Native App Assessment and Testing
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React Native App Dev

4 Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App

  • Generates High-performing Rich UI Apps at speed
  • Code-reusability for Mobile & Web Platforms
  • Easy to Adopt & Low Maintenance Cost
  • Rich Ecosystem with Excellent Developer Community Support


Why Evoke Technologies for React Development?

  • Client Focus: We follow a transparent and client-centric approach to deliver mobile apps to our clientele.
  • Cost Efficient: A medium complexity enterprise-grade mobile app gets published in 3-4 months which improves the time to market.
  • Varied Delivery Models: Fixed bid, Time and Material or Shared Services – our engagements are tailormade for each client.
  • Flexible: We are flexible in terms of technology, teams, working hours, and provide 18X7 support.
  • Range of Technology: We build solutions for businesses with the best technology suites –Cloud, BPM, RPA, Oracle, Pega, QA – all under one roof.

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