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Cloud Testing Service

At Evoke, our specialty lies in leveraging Cloud Testing to optimize testing efficiencies. Our dedicated cloud testing team adeptly navigates Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud, harnessing the power of the cloud to meticulously evaluate performance, functionality, security, scalability, and compatibility across various platforms and devices.

Employing cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we meticulously assess, validate, and refine your cloud-based solutions, empowering you to prioritize innovation and business expansion. Our mission is to fortify your cloud-based applications, ensuring robustness, security, and optimal performance in cloud environments.

The benefits of Cloud Testing with Evoke include

Collaborative Testing

Foster seamless collaboration throughout the testing process.

Scalable Solutions

Tailored testing solutions that scale with your business needs.

Security and Compliance

Rigorous security measures and compliance adherence.

Reliable Performance

Consistently high-performance outcomes.

Cost Efficiency

Pay-as-you-use model for cost-effective testing solutions.

Our comprehensive service offerings include

Cloud Migration Testing

Our Cloud Migration Testing services help mitigate risks, minimize downtime, and ensure a smooth and successful transition to the cloud, enabling you to leverage the benefits of cloud computing with confidence. With Evoke’s expertise, you can accelerate your cloud migration journey and achieve your business objectives efficiently and effectively.

Functional Testing

Our Functional Testing services are tailored to your specific requirements and ensure that your cloud-based applications deliver the functionality, reliability, and performance expected by your users and stakeholders. With Evoke’s expertise in Functional Testing, you can mitigate risks, accelerate delivery cycles, and achieve your business objectives with confidence in the cloud.

Automation Testing

Our Automation Testing services empower you to achieve faster time-to-market, reduce testing costs, and enhance overall software quality, enabling you to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. With Evoke’s expertise in Automation Testing, you can drive innovation, accelerate delivery cycles, and achieve business success in the cloud.

API Testing

Our API Testing services assure that your APIs are reliable, secure, and performant, enabling you to deliver high-quality cloud-based applications that meet the needs of your users and stakeholders. With Evoke’s expertise, you can ensure the seamless integration and interoperability of your APIs, driving innovation and business growth in the cloud

Data Migration Testing

Our Data Migration Testing services provide assurance that your data migration processes are robust, reliable, and secure, enabling you to transition to cloud environments with confidence. With Evoke’s expertise, you can ensure a smooth and successful migration of your data to the cloud, minimizing risks and maximizing the benefits of cloud adoption.

In addition to functional testing,
we specialize in non-functional testing, including

Performance Testing

Our Performance Testing services provide valuable insights into your application’s performance characteristics and help optimize its performance, scalability, and reliability in cloud environments. With Evoke’s expertise, you can ensure that your cloud-based solutions deliver superior performance and meet the expectations of your users.

Security Testing

Our Security Testing services provide actionable insights and recommendations to strengthen your security posture and mitigate potential risks. With Evoke’s expertise, you can enhance the security of your cloud-based applications and protect your organization’s sensitive information from cyber threats

Disaster Recovery Testing

With Evoke’s Disaster Recovery Testing services, you can have confidence in your ability to recover critical systems and data swiftly and efficiently, safeguarding your business continuity and reputation.

Compatibility Testing

Our Compatibility Testing services help identify and address compatibility issues early in the development lifecycle, ensuring that your cloud-based applications deliver a consistent and reliable user experience across diverse platforms and environments. With Evoke’s expertise, you can maximize the reach and usability of your applications, driving customer satisfaction and business success in the cloud.

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