Microsoft Azure WebJobs (Timer Jobs) with Office 365 – SharePoint Online

Before we get into the intricate details of Microsoft Azure WebJobs, let us first ask, “Why should we use Timer Jobs?” Timer jobs are background tasks/processes that run periodically. They are commonly used for long-running processes. Microsoft SharePoint provides certain default timer jobs (e.g., Health check of SharePoint, User profiles Sync). Timer jobs run on SharePoint under specific service accounts. Moreover, SharePoint gives the option

How to Dockerize Web Application Using Docker Compose

Enhancing the application development process in all its phases—building, scaling, shipping, deploying and running—plays a vital role in today’s competitive IT industry by shortening the time between writing code and running it. Moreover, the methodologies of DevOps and such container virtualization technologies as Docker make adopting microservice architecture style with reduced risk and complexity virtually effortless. It is significantly easier to achieve the state

SharePoint Solutions – Impacting Individuals and Global Enterprises

Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365 is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform built by Microsoft Corporation. As per Microsoft, 75,000 organizations and 160 million users make use of the different versions of SharePoint. Further, SharePoint is one of the most contemporary platforms for business enterprises across the world. The SharePoint platform enables enterprises to share documents, communicate seamlessly, and manage workflows effortlessly. Several enterprises firmly

The Life Lesson That QA Testing Services Help Successful Companies Avoid

There’s a life lesson that companies who want to succeed in today’s application economy must never learn from their customers. We’ve probably all heard these comforting, encouraging words: “Don’t worry; everyone makes mistakes.” Parents say them to their kids. Teachers say them to their students. You know who never says those words? Consumers in the application economy. Think about the last time an app