Mobile App Developers Guide to Android Geofencing

According to Pew research, about two out of three U.S. consumers now own a smartphone, which is an indication of the surge in mobile growth. People are increasingly relying on smartphones for varied reasons, right from buying groceries online to booking their taxi rides.  In this blog, we will figure out the capabilities of geofencing and explore certain best practices to be followed while

Automating Oracle Apps Without Using Testing Tools

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) signifies integrated, multi-module application software packages that are built to serve and support multiple business functions. Growing out of the manufacturing industry, ERP makes use of packaged software rather than closed-source software written that is owned by an individual. ERP modules can interface with an organization’s own software with varying degrees of effort, depending on the software. Problem Statement Oracle

Power Up Your Business Using Smooch Omnichannel Conversational Platform

Have a great product but not able to connect to the user to get instant leads? Worried about adding messaging capabilities to your product to make it more accessible? Want to leverage the various messaging channels available so that you can connect with the customers easily? To put end to your worries, there are many conversational platforms available which will enable your businesses with