These 3 categories of business processes make excellent candidates as first moves in your enterprise’s migration to the cloud.

BPM Consulting ServicesCloud computing today is about so much more than backing up data.
As important as storing and securing your enterprise’s information off-premises remains, more and more businesses are moving not only their data but also their processes to the cloud.
You’ve likely already decided your company will be among them. But have you decided where you will start?
Turning to an expert, experienced provider of BPM consulting services can help answer that question. Once your BPM consulting firm leads you in discovering and mapping your business processes, you’ll be able to determine which ones you need to focus on migrating to the cloud first.
Fortunately, there’s no wrong place to begin business process migrations. The  Software as a service (SaaS) model of cloud computing means any process you move will realize savings of time and money. No new hardware, no software licensing fees, no manual updates—any process software you run from the cloud will deliver practical benefits.

Cloud-Based HR, Finance and ERM

Until you have specific insights about your company from the process discovery your chosen provider of BPM consulting services will lead, here are 3 broad types of business processes to consider that can be streamlined and strengthened by migrating them to the cloud:

  • Human Resources: PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2016 survey of over 1,400 CEOs around the world found that only 34% of human resources (HR) are ready to make the transformative changes needed to meet modern business challenges. 
    When your enterprise moves HR management services to the cloud, however—such functions as recruiting, onboarding, payroll, performance review and more—HR becomes better able to respond to rapidly shifting conditions. For example, a single interface will give many users, including those using mobile devices, simultaneous access to a real-time “snapshot” of the company’s workforce.
  • Financial Processes: Gartner Research anticipates that by 2025, SaaS will be the dominant deployment model across all financial management applications. This trend emerges from cloud computing’s maturity, increased confidence in its security, and the fact that many enterprises’ core financial management applications are overdue for upgrading. 
    Frustrating processes like printing and poring over spreadsheets or checking multiple on-prem databases to get a full picture of company financials are becoming things of the past. In the words of the Gartner report, “After years of lagging behind other domains in cloud adoption, cloud is hot in all areas of financial applications.”
  • Product Development: Companies that make and sell goods invariably wrestle with the question, “How can we speed up the concept-to-production cycle?” Here, too, cloud-based business processes provide solutions. Cloud manufacturing is inherently collaborative and efficient. 
    “Things move faster when your infrastructure is the cloud,” writes Brian Wheeler of “Applications go from concept to production in hours rather than weeks or months. Everything happens at the same time: development, testing, deployment, updates. Your tools have to be as quick and nimble as your virtual environments.”

Consider A BPM Consulting Services Partnership With Evoke

As the three examples above suggest, many possibilities for migrating business processes to the cloud exist. Some companies may want or need to transform only one process to a SaaS model; others will move forward with larger migrations. Either way, there’s no shortage of entry points into cloud-based business processes.
But selecting the right provider of BPM consulting services is key to the success of small, medium, and large process migrations alike.
At Evoke Technologies, we bring over a decade’s experience as one of the industry’s best IT consulting companies to the work of cloud migration. Our dedicated teams of highly trained engineers will come to know your business almost as well as you do, trusting your expertise in what you do to inspire us as we design and deploy customized software solutions to help you do it even better.
With core technical competencies in the latest business process design standards (BPMN 2.0) and programming languages (like Java), premiere partner status with Bonitasoft (the world’s fastest-growing provider of BPM services), and our customer-centric approach to planning and implementing business process strategy, Evoke can move your processes to the cloud with minimal downtime and maximum impact.
To learn more about our BPM consulting services, contact us online or call us at +1 (937) 202-4161 (select Option 2 for Sales).
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