What do Hollywood’s 3-D blockbusters have in common with the fastest growing way to manage your business processes?

bpm servicesWhy are 3-D movies so popular? Govindini Murty of Libertas Film Magazine suggests one reason: “the trend in all our technology is toward recreating reality with greater detail in three dimensions.”
The connection between 3-D movies and your business may not be readily apparent (unless you’re a film studio). But isn’t a major trend in modern enterprise technology toward “recreating”—that is, rethinking, revising, reshaping—business with greater detail?
To succeed in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive marketplace, you need to see in greater detail than ever before what your business does, why it does it, and how it can be done better—faster, more accurately, with greater ROI.
So why not think of BPM services—business process management services—as the “3-D” glasses that bring that detail into focus, that allow your work to “pop” in a whole new way?
BPM’s capacity to show and shape businesses processes in unprecedented detail probably accounts for the methodology’s ever-increasing rate of acceptance. According to one recent report, the worldwide market for business process management solutions will be worth over $23 billion (USD) by 2024.
A quality BPM consulting firm can show you your business in a whole new light. And, unlike when you’re watching a 3-D movie, you won’t be a passive spectator, simply marveling at sights on a screen. You’ll have the chance to impact what you see so that your staff and your customers alike will see your enterprise in greater detail, too.

The Essential “3 Ds” of BPM Services

Any BPM consulting firm you choose to work with will offer what might seem like an overwhelming range of services—maybe even as overwhelming as the latest big-screen, special effects-packed 3-D blockbuster! But these services all have contributions to make at various points in the life cycle of your company’s BPM project.
This broad overview may help you see how your consulting firm’s services work together for your project’s success. Let’s call it a look at the essential “3 Ds” of BPM services.
1. Discovery
Process discovery is among the most critical of services a BPM consultation can provide. After all, how can you decide which processes your enterprise needs to refine, reimagine or replace altogether until you know exactly what processes make up your business as it is now?
In the discovery phase, BPM consultants help you see and describe, in detail, how your business actually gets work done. The surveys, face-to-face interviews and group discussions involved in discovery, as well as the automated analysis of such data as email exchanges, phone calls and database usage, all help build a picture of your enterprise’s workflows as they really are—not as you think they are, or as you wish them to be.
BPM service providers provide an often much-needed outside perspective to help you assess how your business answers the question, “Where are we now?” before moving on to the question, “Where will we go next?”
2. Design
One of the chief contributions the discipline of BPM services has made to organizational operation is the language used to design and execute new processes: Business Process Model and Notation, or BPMN.
BPMN offers an intuitive, visual representation of business processes. By arranging common geometric elements (lines, squares, diamonds) in a flow chart-like fashion, BPMN lets businesses communicate their procedures in a clear and standardized way that both executives and IT staff can understand.
But BPMN can do more than allow all process stakeholders to talk with, rather than past, each other. It also allows businesses to talk to their machines more readily. BPMN 2.0, the current standard, not only represents processes but also makes them happen when they are automated, because it is machine-consumable language.
3. Deployment
Once your BPM consultants have helped you decide on and design new processes, they should help you implement them as well.
Sometimes, deploying your new business processes is as simple as the click of a mouse. At other times, more work is involved, such as training staff in the new processes and coordinating with the various stakeholders affected by the new procedures. After all, as Jim Boots, Senior BPM advisor for Chevron’s IT company, pointed out in a 2009 interview with ebizq.net, “some 80 to 90 percent of the things that have to be done in big companies will be and remain manual.”
Whether the processes that emerge from your BPM project are manual or automated (or a hybrid), experienced BPM service providers will be able to ensure that your processes are deployed on time, within budget, and without error.

Partner With Evoke For BPM Services

Ready to see your enterprise in greater detail? Then consider choosing Evoke Technologies as your BPM service provider. With more than a decade’s experience as an IT industry leader, we have the knowledge and practical experience to offer you a comprehensive range of BPM services that will equip you to streamline your operations, work with greater efficiency and boost your bottom line.
Call us today at +1 (937) 202-4161, or fill out the contact form on our website. Together, let’s make your business really “pop” and stand out as a leader and an achiever.

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