Learn how the right BPM consulting service can help position your business for greater digital maturity—and profitability.

What’s the key to becoming at least 25% more profitable than your competitors?

Business Process Management ConsultingA study of nearly 400 large businesses (with revenues of at least $1 billion), published in 2012 by multinational management experts Capgemini, found the answer is “digital maturity.”
A digitally mature business is one that has mastered the transition to electronic internal processes and external relations. In the report’s words, such enterprises use “social media, mobile, analytics and embedded devices to change their customer engagement, internal operations and even their business models.”
According to the study, the most digitally mature companies were 26% more profitable than their competitors. (They also generated 9% more revenue from their physical assets, and could boast a 12% higher market valuation.)
Even if your organization is not a billion-plus-dollar business, it can reap benefits from becoming digitally mature. And the right business process management consulting firm (or BPM consulting firm) can help you reach that maturity.

The Link Between Digital Maturity And Business Process Management Consulting

To succeed in today’s digital world, commercial enterprises must exhibit agility. Using BPM consulting services, companies can develop or redevelop IT infrastructures that enable them to not only adapt to but take full advantage of the fast-paced, ever-fluctuating conditions of the early 21st century’s technology-powered marketplace.
How can the right BPM consulting company help your organization achieve increasing digital maturity?

  1. Discovery
    You know every business has processes—you may even have a strong sense of what those processes are—but BPM consulting brings those processes to the fore in detailed ways for everyone in your organization to see. From the technology your business has in place, your business process management consulting firm will reveal patterns of evidence (such as messages and database transactions) that point to what’s working in your enterprise—and what isn’t. Bottlenecks come to light. Root causes of workflow disruptions emerge with clarity. You gain a factual, objective view of your current processes and how they can be improved to better meet the digital market’s challenges.
  1. Design
    High value BPM consultants will have gained a thorough knowledge of your business that positions them to work with you to envision and design better business processes. You and your consulting partner will jointly determine where minor corrections are needed, and where major overhauls are called for. Using business process model notation (BPMN), you and your consultants will design desired workflow solutions in which each step cleanly and logically leads to the next. The notation even allows the diagrams themselves to become executable code. Authority and accountability become explicit as your processes become more suited to digital ways of getting work done.
  1. Deployment
    Because quality BPM is not a one-time only proposition but an ongoing concern, the process consultant should help you develop a system for periodically reviewing and refining all your processes, old and new. Business process management consulting services should be available when you need them, including in any urgent situations that may arise. Regular “check-ups” of your processes, of course, can help head off any problems before they happen. Digital business moves fast; you can’t afford excessive downtime while the rest of your industry is still up and running.

Business Process Management Consulting with Evoke Technologies

At Evoke Technologies, we offer comprehensive business process management consulting services. We bring more than ten years’ experience to the discovery, design, and deployment of effective, efficient business processes that decrease your company’s expenditures of time and money while increasing your bottom line. And our highly trained, dedicated teams of IT engineers remain available to support you 24/7.
Call Evoke today at +1 (937) 202-4161 (select Option 2 for Sales) or contact us online to learn more about how we can help your company take steps today toward greater digital maturity… and so greater productivity and profitability.
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