If you haven’t considered the cloud as a resource for managing your business processes, here are 5 excellent reasons you should.

 Business Process ManagementFew technological developments in recent years have proven as transformative to modern business as has cloud computing. It has driven greater specialization and collaboration, both within and between organizations. It has facilitated easier data sharing and faster commercial transactions. It has empowered a mobile workforce that can access its work anywhere, anytime.
About 70% of businesses today run at least one application in the cloud, and that number is only going to grow. RightScale’s 2016 State of the Cloud survey found 17% of enterprises run over 1,000 virtual machines in  the public cloud (up from 15% last year), and 31% do so in the private cloud (up from 22% last year).
Companies can migrate many kinds of operations to the cloud, including efforts devoted to business process management (BPM). Identifying, streamlining, automating (as appropriate) and optimizing the discrete, repeatable sequences of events that make your business work yields significant positive results—greater efficiency, less expenditures of resources, a healthier bottom line—even when accomplished on-premises. Managing business processes from the cloud offers several significant advantages.

Advantages of Cloud-based BPM

What advantages does cloud-based business process management offer your business that BPM in general doesn’t? Here are just a few:

  • Cloud-based BPM lets you “test the waters.” Even if you are 100% convinced that adopting BPM will be a good move for your business (and we’re 100% it will be), using BPM in the cloud allows you to try it without making an all-in commitment. If you find managing business processes manually and on-premises works better for you, you haven’t made significant investments that cannot then be recouped.
  • Cloud-based BPM saves you money. Because you will be using BPM software as a service (Saas) that is delivered from the cloud, you will not be building a large and complicated IT infrastructure. No infrastructure to build also means no infrastructure to maintain. And you “pay as you go” – per-use or subscription pricing takes the place of a sizeable up-front investment.
  • Cloud-based BPM saves you time. The lack of any large internal infrastructure means you’ll be able to roll out business process management in your organization quite rapidly. This faster time to market boosts investor confidence. And because cloud-based apps and data are easier to coordinate, the processes you manage will be more efficient.
  • Cloud-based BPM encourages collaboration. Cloud computing erases borders that once hindered teamwork. A survey from RW3 CultureWizard finds that 41% of all corporate teams never meet in person, and 48% of respondents report that over half of their corporate teams include members in other countries. Understanding business processes that are managed from the cloud results in understanding how this kind of borderless productivity is now possible.
  • Cloud-based BPM equips you to go mobile. Mobile technology is transforming the way we work. In 2015, about 35% of workforce members worldwide were working on-the-go, from mobile devices—and they weren’t just checking email or managing their calendars. More and more, they were managing business processes. Market research company Technavio predicts mobile BPM will grow at an annual rate of almost 21% between now and 2020.

Evoke: Your Cloud-Based Business Process Management Partner

An IT industry leader for more than a decade, Evoke Technologies offers dedicated teams of highly trained experts who can help your enterprise discover your processes, design and deploy effective and cloud-based strategies for managing them, and deliver reliable support and ongoing optimization once those solutions are in place.
To learn more, call us today at +1 (937) 202-4161, or contact us through our website.
Cloud-based business process management is a powerful business force. Let us help you leverage it to your enterprise’s advantage.
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