Guidelines for Migrating from .NET Framework to .NET Core

Businesses require a scalable and robust architecture to migrate and modernize their applications to microservices architecture. Cloud is the obvious choice for many as it facilitates containers, serverless platform, and offers facilities like pay-per-usage. The choice of language is .NET Core as it offers cross-platform support, flexibility, and PaaS support. With 4.8 being the last version of the .NET Framework, Microsoft has advised moving

How to Handle Windows-based Popups Using WinAppDriver in Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is one of the famous functional automation tools/APIs currently in the market. Many companies are already implementing their automation frameworks using Selenium WebDriver, as it is an opensource automation framework and can be written in any of the popular programming languages. However, like any other tool, it has its own set of limitations. One of the limitations is handling window-based pop-ups, as

Unit Testing for Data Access Layer with MOQ Framework

Software release cycles are becoming shorter and more agile by the day. Enterprises across domains have started automating the software development, deployment processes, and quality checks. The test automation has become the key focus. Tests like unit tests, functional tests, integration tests, and performance/vulnerability tests are the key measures demanded by the customers which make sure that the quality is never compromised. With advancements

Creating and Deploying SharePoint Provider-hosted MVC App in Office 365 and Azure

SharePoint Apps (also referred to as add-ins) extend SharePoint’s capability to solve specific business problems. There are three types of apps: a) SharePoint-hosted b) Provider-hosted c) Autohosted This blog post will walk through the process of creating and deploying a provider-hosted MVC app, which displays a welcome message to the logged-in user. Further, it will provide code snippets that allow this app to address

Microsoft Azure WebJobs (Timer Jobs) with Office 365 – SharePoint Online

Before we get into the intricate details of Microsoft Azure WebJobs, let us first ask, “Why should we use Timer Jobs?” Timer jobs are background tasks/processes that run periodically. They are commonly used for long-running processes. Microsoft SharePoint provides certain default timer jobs (e.g., Health check of SharePoint, User profiles Sync). Timer jobs run on SharePoint under specific service accounts. Moreover, SharePoint gives the option

SharePoint Solutions – Impacting Individuals and Global Enterprises

Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365 is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform built by Microsoft Corporation. As per Microsoft, 75,000 organizations and 160 million users make use of the different versions of SharePoint. Further, SharePoint is one of the most contemporary platforms for business enterprises across the world. The SharePoint platform enables enterprises to share documents, communicate seamlessly, and manage workflows effortlessly. Several enterprises firmly

Why Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Is No Luxury

It’s a great time to invest in and implement Microsoft SharePoint solutions for your commercial enterprise — just be certain your consultants can help make it succeed. The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) reports that one in two corporations use SharePoint Server. In 22% of those corporations, every employee takes advantage of the platform’s powerful collaborative capabilities. In addition, many Fortune 500

A Microsoft CRM Consultant Guide to Bettering Your Business Communications

Looking for ways to improve your customer relations? This Microsoft CRM consultant guide tells you how! When your business starts expanding, it’s time to move on from the standard forms of client communication and data compilation. The industry standard high-end softwares are perfect for integrating into pre-existing internal databases. Our Microsoft CRM consultant guide trains you on the knowledge and insight brought by the

Visualizing Data Using SharePoint and Google Charts

Globally, business executives rely extensively on data and analytics for decision making. With the tremendous amount of data that is being churned out by individuals, businesses, systems etc., it is becoming increasingly complex for executives to make business sense from the enormous data that is at their disposal. Further, data alone is normally not useful to the decision makers unless it is analyzed, interpreted,

Evoke Technologies Explains the Extensive Benefits of Enterprise Content Management

With our powerful Microsoft, Nintex, and TekDog partnerships, Evoke is poised to implement the benefits of ECM for your enterprise. As IT leaders in technology-driven industries, you demand deep-domain expertise and the ability to service your enterprise end-to-end in a partnership setting across many essential software platforms. During the development of your IT objectives, you no doubt have heard about the extensive benefits of