Stay cutting-edge in a rapidly competitive market. To implement SharePoint effectively, you need a flexible business process management partnership from Evoke.

With SharePoint, Microsoft has produced the standard in managing business processes and communications. A lackluster or imprecise implementation of SharePoint as a result of a poor partnership can negatively affect your IT goals of smooth, rich communication, file-sharing, and centralization.
flexible business process managementThe trends in business process management and utilizing software like SharePoint to its full potential beyond basic functions provides a great opportunity to explain why an Evoke Technologies partnership for flexible business process management is essential.

Implementing SharePoint With Evoke’s Flexible Business Process Management: A World of Difference

Over other competitors, SharePoint offers the most value for businesses because it’s highly customizable. It can be configured for virtually any need and industry and allows for extreme granular permissions (such as edit, view only, delete/create files, etc.) and information hierarchy access for more secure sharing—even more important when external users are brought in to collaborate. Businesses today are now beginning to investigate the benefits of using SharePoint for more advanced business process automation and that’s where Evoke comes in to leverage their deep-domain expertise in this realm.
A key differentiator when choosing Evoke to implement SharePoint for workflow design and business process management is that we don’t just settle for doing what’s asked and dispensing a simple fix. This, we believe, curtails comprehensive IT strategy expansion. Instead, we see ourselves as solution partners who work with you to uncover large-scale business problems and implement a range of IT solutions depending on your needs. We ask: what are you trying to accomplish? What’s the overall goal or objective for your workflow development? How will these be used to enhance workflows across the business?
An onsite, on-shore, off-shore method that easily facilitates the oversight of all information technology, roadmaps and strategy is paired with premier partnerships to design a flexible business process management system.
Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership
Constant and current expert guidance from Microsoft consultants on growing and developing SharePoint design, project planning, and architecture is a major factor in successful BPM consulting. Due to this advantage, we have been successful in providing reliable, scalable and flexible solutions and business process management tools.
Nintex Partnership
This technology partnership with the leading SharePoint workflow firm will allow our clients to bridge the gap between existing SharePoint features and their unique needs. Nintex allows users to create SharePoint workflows easily with thousands of pre-set workflow designs. When compared to SharePoint, Nintex is highly user-friendly and offers powerful features. As one of only 13 Nintex Premier Partners globally, our expertise in upcoming trends toward business process management is a significant advantage should you choose Evoke for a flexible business process management system.
TekDog Partnership
With over 4,000 customers (every one a SharePoint or Nintex user), this partnership is a vital one. TekDog Inc. is a leader in SharePoint and Nintex user adoption and training services. Our technology partnership with TekDog allows us to provide efficient software and business process management training to enterprises. A flexible business process management system begins with the right training.
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