It’s a great time to invest in and implement Microsoft SharePoint solutions for your commercial enterprise — just be certain your consultants can help make it succeed.

Microsoft SharePoint ConsultingThe Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) reports that one in two corporations use SharePoint Server. In 22% of those corporations, every employee takes advantage of the platform’s powerful collaborative capabilities.
In addition, many Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft SharePoint to develop their public-facing websites. The UPS Store, Kraft Foods, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Viacom are only a few of the brands you’ll recognize who use SharePoint to market their goods and services to consumers.
Of course, SharePoint success doesn’t just happen. Expert Microsoft SharePoint consulting plays an essential role. As you prepare to adopt and implement SharePoint in your organization, bear in mind the many ways SharePoint consultants can help your experience go smoothly and successfully.

Areas Where Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Delivers Advantages

    • Articulating Your Enterprise’s Vision – SharePoint is an impressively versatile platform. Yes, it’s great for storing the information your people need to do their work, but it can be far more than a document repository. Businesses use it to create intranets and extranets, to build their public-facing websites, to organize business intelligence (BI), and to facilitate greater collaboration among teams. Since SharePoint can be used to do so much, the first step in any SharePoint implementation is deciding and articulating exactly what your enterprise wants SharePoint to do for you. Only your stakeholders and decision-makers can cast that vision, but the right Microsoft SharePoint consultants can help guide the envisioning process, asking helpful questions and offering insightful tips gleaned from their experience with past implementations.
    • Deciding Which SharePoint To Use – Truth be told, speaking of “SharePoint” could be a little misleading. Microsoft doesn’t offer a single, monolithic product called “SharePoint.” Instead, the term encompasses several different products, including the cloud-based SharePoint Online, the on-prem SharePoint Server, the automated workflow-specific SharePoint Designer, and the file-syncing desktop program OneDrive for Business. Microsoft SharePoint consulting can help you determine which SharePoint products your enterprise needs, and in what combinations. The more time your consultants spend learning your business, the better they will be able to point you in the right direction.
    • Putting Governance Protocols In Place – Failure to address governance protocols during implementation will almost inevitably lead to confusion and frustration down the road. Your enterprise must determine who will have the authority to create what sites, and for what purposes, once your SharePoint solutions are up and running. Again, creating sites with SharePoint is easy—but without some clarity at the outset, your business will likely end up fighting a losing battle against site sprawl and compromised information security. Experienced Microsoft SharePoint consultants can advise you on the controls you should have in place to prevent a proliferation of redundant and unwieldy sites.
    • Ensuring Enterprise-Wide Readiness To Integrate – Microsoft SharePoint can integrate with other software and systems, often to a business’s great benefit… but only if everyone in the business is using the latest versions of those other products. If up-to-date upgrades haven’t been adopted across the board, your SharePoint implementation may get pretty messy pretty fast! The top SharePoint consulting services can help you double-check that your people’s software and systems are up-to-date. The time it will take to do so will save your company time (not to mention stress) when consultants begin the actual integrations during implementation.
    • Designing Sound Information Architecture – Here’s where you’ll see the clearest benefits of investing in high-quality Microsoft SharePoint consulting. Your consultants should be able to demonstrate that they possess a thorough understanding of the structural elements that are critical in a SharePoint environment, from individual sites to the server farm at the top, with web apps, site collections and content databases in between. Ask plenty of technical questions and insist on references or case studies. If your consultants can’t demonstrate knowledge of SharePoint structure to your satisfaction, it’s time to find new consultants!
  • Sustaining Your SharePoint Solutions – The top Microsoft consulting companies don’t forget about your enterprise’s SharePoint solutions once they’ve been deployed. By definition, a quality implementation includes ongoing testing and refinement, in order to make sure your business is maximizing its return on its SharePoint investment. You want your consultants to be available as issues arise, ready to diagnose the problems and design fixes that last for the long haul.

Why You Should Choose Evoke As Your Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Partner

A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner (Microsoft’s most prestigious level of partner status), we at Evoke Technologies bring more than a decade’s experience to the implementation of SharePoint solutions for businesses who want to streamline operations, cut costs and maximize their bottom line.

    • We respect you as the expert on what you do, and encourage you to teach us about your business before we start offering strategies for improving it.
    • We possess deep-domain expertise of a wide range of SharePoint solutions.
    • We follow an agile development approach and our proven engagement models to ensure rapid deployment, on time and on budget.
  • We make our dedicated SharePoint teams available to you 24/7.

Call us now at +1 (937) 202-4161 or contact us online. We’ll partner with you to give your SharePoint implementation every possible advantage—so that your enterprise can enjoy advantages in productivity and profit for years to come.
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