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According to Microsoft, SharePoint’s market share in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space has skyrocketed to 66 percent. SharePoint is one of the fastest growing software products developed by Microsoft Corporation.
It is also being pitched as a powerful and potentially invaluable tool for enterprise collaboration. For those of you, who haven’t heard about SharePoint, it is a web application platform that is rapidly gaining acceptance among the Fortune 500 enterprises.
Further, Microsoft has been aggressively positioning SharePoint as a poster child for enterprise collaboration software. Because of this trend, Microsoft SharePoint services have become more important than ever.

Compete in the Modern Environment: The Importance of Microsoft SharePoint Services

microsoft sharepoint servicesSo, what makes SharePoint standout? Let’s explore some of its remarkable features and understand why so much hype has been generated around it. To begin with, it is considered as a preferred platform for enterprise-wide collaboration due to its exciting document collaboration features.
SharePoint not only allows employees to share/collaborate documents, but also helps them connect seamlessly with their social integration features. Since it is hosted in a cloud environment, it gives employees greater flexibility to work from home or even while traveling. Further, enterprises are figuring out that SharePoint implementation can improve transparency, communications and corporate culture.
In today’s information era, business intelligence has a crucial role to play in the success or failure of a project. The search capabilities of SharePoint allow employees in locating information, data or documents in real-time without having to manually scroll through thousands of files. Secondly, gaining access to such crucial information allows employees to make informed decisions, thereby improving the bottom line of an organization.
Another exciting feature of SharePoint is the provision to develop and integrate line-of-business applications. Enterprises can create powerful line-of-business applications using Microsoft .NET framework, which can be configured according to their business needs.
New trends have suggested that the future of robust SharePoint implementation is in the extensive workflow development and business process automation capabilities of SharePoint. Because it’s highly customizable, SharePoint workflows can be configured for virtually any need and industry. It allows for extreme granular permissions (such as edit, view only, delete/create files, etc.) and information hierarchy access for more secure sharing. BPM is more complex but adds tremendous value for business needs that are highly process-oriented.

Features of Microsoft SharePoint Services

  • SharePoint supports a variety of applications throughout an enterprise on a single platform.
  • End-users can easily search people, information, documents or communicate in a quick and effective way.
  • Business information can be accessed from remote locations using the internet in a secure manner.
  • Improves the coordination and collaboration among the teams in an enterprise.
  • Quickly and easily create and deploy wikis, portals, intranets or blogs.

SharePoint Development and Microsoft SharePoint Services

It is a known fact that nearly two-thirds of SharePoint installations are somewhat stalled in their adoption and progress (source: Association for Information and Image Management). Before choosing a SharePoint development partner, you must be mindful of the fact that failure rates of SharePoint implementation have always been on their higher side when compared to traditional technologies.
SharePoint development, migration or upgrade can be a challenge even for a technically competent IT company. You need to rely on a company that as has extensive experience and expertise in SharePoint implementation, a company that truly understands the SharePoint architecture.
Being an innovative software development firm specializing in Microsoft technologies, Evoke can help you with Microsoft SharePoint services; we offer end-to-end Microsoft SharePoint solutions for global enterprises. Their comprehensive set of SharePoint services enables enterprises to meet their productivity goals and objectives.
Evoke not only helps global enterprises develop outstanding products, but it also understands their business lifecycle to build highly scalable products. Evoke provides a clear vision and a comprehensive plan to accomplish SharePoint goals.
By embracing Evoke’s Microsoft SharePoint Services, an enterprise can improve the overall profit and stay ahead of its competitors.
Call Evoke Technologies at 937.660.4925 or find out more about how simplified solutions for everyday challenges can be at your fingertips now!

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