Paper log books are still the most common way businesses are tracking visitors at their workplace. Unfortunately, they are also the most time-wasting way of managing workplace guests. With only one physical book recording information of all the visitors, a lot can go wrong if it gets misplaced or lost. If you think it through, even the privacy of your visitors is not safe.
If a guest log book is your current reception management solution, here are seven reasons why you may want to re-consider your approach to visitor management and try a more efficient method.

1. Visitor entries are illegible.

Handwritings are typically hard to decipher, so logbooks are mostly illegible – you may simply not be able to read the visitor entries. In addition, some visitors may not fill out their entry completely or even write gibberish.

2. Visitor information isn’t truly confidential.

Do you really want to provide your business visitor information to everyone? If you wish to protect the privacy of your company guests and keep their information confidential, a paper logbook may not be the choice.

3. It costs money.

Human resource cost to manage data entry logs, retrieve and analyze data properly are expensive; let alone the cost of supplies and storage. Going paperless and having a visitor management system in place is the easiest way to save money and going green. You can boost the front desk efficiency as well. An iPad solution makes sign-in a breeze, whether you have one or hundred visitors per day.

4. If you have several facilities, the guest data is not centralized.

You lack a central configuration and control system if there are multiple office locations where you have record logs. Practically, there is almost no tracking or reporting happening centrally. Whereas, having a visitor management system in place can record the usage of facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts, all at one place.

5. Paper registers cannot tackle emergency situations.

A quick glance at your dashboard can help in efficient evacuation, otherwise logbooks make it virtually impossible to identify who is still present at your facility in case of emergency. Also, with automatic badge printing, visitor photos and a real-time dashboard, you’ll always know who’s authorized to be on-site.

6. It is not compliance-friendly.

Compiling administrative reports becomes a tedious and labor-intensive process if you have to prove that your facility complies with appropriate security requirements and procedures.

7. You’re not positioning yourself as a modern and welcoming business.

Paper logbooks are pretty cliche and add an old-fashioned feel to your facility. The client’s or prospective candidates visiting your company for the first time can have rather dull first impression upon greeted by a bulky logbook which has suffered months of wear and tear. On the flip side, the experience could be totally wowsome if you have a customizable iPad app for appointment scheduling and management.

Visitor Management System Robust Features – Helping You Work Smarter

Here at Evoke Technologies, we’ve been working hard to smarten the security at office premises with a seamless and prompt technology. So, we built a simple yet intuitive mobile app solution that records and tracks visitors and material movement within the organization. Not only this visitor management system keeps track of flows and movements, but also lets employees to time their attendance and working hours in case they forgot to bring their ID cards. Isn’t that one less thing to worry about?!
Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the mobile app:

  • Badge printing
  • Host Notification via email, mobile app, watch
  • Digital Signing
  • Time Employee Attendance
  • QR code scanning
  • Pre-invite visitors
  • Visitor analytics
  • Eye-blink detection with face recognition
  • Brand and monitor app remotely
  • Configure forms dynamically
  • Auto capture of visitor photos

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Paper Log Books

The retirement of paper visitors’ book and home-coming of visitor apps may still seems a little farther, but it’s the inevitable future. The digitization of log books instantly makes visitor management system a smarter affair by giving you access to information about who is at your workplace, who has been there and who is due to visit at one secured space managed through a mobile app.
Visitor Management System - Mobile App Expert
At Evoke, we have a digital visitor solution for every sized business that’s secured, productive, and dependable. Contact us to learn how easy it is for your enterprise to say goodbye to physical logbooks.


Kankana Choudhury heads the Mobile App Development Practice at Evoke. She is passionate about emerging technologies and its intersection with mobile, cloud and analytics. Kankana worked on some complex business and technology problems and provided effective solutions during her stint at Wipro, PwC and Huawei.
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