In the past few decades, the advancements in mobile technology has changed the way insurance providers operate. Owing to the convenience and portability offered by mobile apps of insurance service providers, they have gained popularity. From mobile insurance apps that allow consumers claim damages instantly to enterprise productivity apps that keep insurance agents connected to their offices round the clock. Mobile insurance apps are playing an important role in raising the bar of customer service.
Mobile Insurance Apps

Here are a few ways in which the mobile insurance apps can benefit the insurance providers:

1. Simplifying Claims Processing
Mobile insurance apps are making the process of making claims hassle free. It not only makes the life of an insured individual easier, but also lessens the workload of insurance employees by reducing certain tasks and freeing their time, which can be better utilized in acquiring and engaging consumers. By using their smartphones, consumers can click photos in case of an accident and send it via their mobile insurance app for claiming insurance. Inventory management apps are also being used extensively as they allow consumers to take pictures of their assets and a create catalog containing product details along with price. These records can be used to claim insurance in case the assets get damaged or stolen.
2. Enhancing the Knowledge of Insurance Agents
A smartphone or tablet can be conveniently used to impart training to insurance agents. The training material can be uploaded online from where it can be easily accessed by the insurance agent depending on the area of interest. Insurance agents can use their tablet/smartphone to go through the training material or to watch training videos during their commute or in spare time.
3. Telematics for Usage Based Insurance (UBI)
Telematics makes it easy for insurance companies to know how you drive your automobile. By using telematics, an insurance provider can obtain real-time information about a consumer’s driving behavior via a sensor installed on a vehicle. Consumers who drive perfectly and can gain special discounts, deals and reduced premiums via their mobile insurance app. This technology encourages consumers to drive safely and insurance providers can save on the compensation they have to offer for accident claims. This is beneficial to both the insurance provider and the insured individual.
4. Enhance Sales Effort
Insurance agents can stay connected to their offices round the clock by using mobile insurance apps. Furthermore, these mobile apps allow them to complete their work even when they are travelling or are waiting for clients. They can also gain quick access to sales force automation and CRM tools, this effectively managing their potential customers.
5. Instantly Generate Quotes for Customers
If insurance agents can generate quotes instantly for their customers, they will certainly have an edge over the competition. By using a mobile insurance app on their smartphone/tablet, insurance agents can generate a quick quote for their customers during their interaction.
6. Finalize a Deal in First Meeting
Considering the stiff competition prevailing in the insurance industry, insurance agents cannot afford to miss a chance to finalize a deal at the first meeting itself. A mobile insurance app can help insurance agents to get quotes instantly and in case the buyer is willing to buy the policy they can sign the documents digitally via insurance agent’s mobile device and make the final payment via a mobile card reader.
Summing Up
Mobile insurance apps are proving to be highly beneficial and convenient for insurance companies, agents and consumers. For insurance providers, using mobile insurance apps is no longer an option, but rather a necessity to surge ahead of their competitors and provide excellent customer service.

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