As today’s marketplace increasingly goes mobile, consulting firms that provide mobile technology solutions must appreciate some key insights.

mobility serviceThe trend is dramatic and irreversible: Desktop computing continues to decline (from 90% to 60% in just three years) while mobile computing continues to climb (at 40% and higher). It’s a profound shift with serious implications for how business is done in the 21st century.
As you seek a mobility service firm to help your business capitalize on mobile computing, we at Evoke Technologies invite you to consider one of our successful partnerships. We think it offers clear insight into what mobile technology consultants must understand in order to help commercial enterprises connect with a marketplace that’s always on the go.

A Case Study in Inventory Management and Mobility

With U.S. car sales at record levels, automobile dealerships must not only cope with but also capitalize on some of the fastest inventory turnover rates of any business. The cars sitting on the lot on Friday night may be gone by the next Monday morning. Dealerships need to know what vehicles are in stock or are on the way, and their staff members don’t always have the luxury of sitting down at a desk to find out.
Dominion Dealer Solutions needed a mobile app that would help dealers keep track of inventory while on the go. We delivered a platform-agnostic app designed with MVC architecture that handles complex workflows like price assessment and also integrates third-party libraries. Dominion’s users now have fully searchable, customizable inventory manifests literally at their fingertips as they escort customers around the showroom floor or head out with them on test drives.

Mobility Service Lessons Learned

We see at least three specific takeaways for other businesses in our experience as Dominion’s mobility service consulting firm:

  1. Mobility Is Agility: Without a mobile inventory system, Dominion simply would not be able to respond quickly enough to constantly changing levels of its supply and consumer demand. Dominion’s challenge is a microcosm of the challenge facing so many enterprises in so many industries today: How can we make the most of changes as chances to improve and expand business? Mobile technology makes such agility possible.
  1. Mobility Demands Excellent User Experience (UX): Like so many businesses, Dominion deals with a detailed product. Make and model, mileage statistics, standard and optional features, average trade-in price—the variables involved in keeping track of and selling automotive inventory can seem endless. All of them are important, however, and dealers can’t afford to ignore any of them. Dominion needed a mobile system that boasts a clean, clear, intuitive user interface. We provided apps with a clean design, fluid layout, and responsive inputs, enhancing Dominion dealers’ ability to work efficiently and effectively.
  1. Mobility Brings Technical Complexity: Dominion needed mobile apps that can access large third-party libraries and databases in order to provide dealers the information their customers seek. Such integration can result in impressive performance, but at the cost of increased technical complexity. Mobility service firms must be able to meet that high bar. At Evoke, we employ only the most talented and rigorously trained mobile technology engineers we can find; our interview selection rate is a rigorous 17:1. And we can point to a track record of success, having logged more than one million satisfied customer project hours.

Make Evoke Technologies Your Mobility Service

Evoke designed mobile technology solutions that work for Dominion. We can do the same for you. Call us today at +1 (937) 660-4925 (select Option 2 for Sales) or contact us via email ( to learn how a mobility service partnership with Evoke can benefit your business.
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