When it comes to making the most of your company’s Oracle investment, you want to ensure your consulting firm is “the total package.”

oracle consulting firmsAn entertainer who is a “triple threat” excels as an actor, dancer and singer. Casting directors covet triple threats because these performers can do anything a given production demands and make it look easy. They are, as an old theater saying goes, “the total package.”
When you’re looking at Oracle consulting firms for someone to help you choose, implement, sustain and upgrade your Oracle business applications, you’re not looking for a “triple threat” in the traditional sense (though Oracle consultants who could also recite Shakespearean soliloquies, belt out a show-stopping song, and tap dance would be pretty entertaining).
But when choosing an Oracle consulting firm, you do want a different kind of “triple threat.” You want someone who will equip you to maximize resource management, optimize customer experience, and capitalize on business data.
If a consulting company can’t perform in these three areas, you don’t want them taking your company’s stage.

How To Discover Oracle Consulting Firms Who Are “Triple Threats”

Here are a few questions to ask when you’re “auditioning” Oracle consulting firms. The answers will help you determine whether your would-be consultant is a “triple threat” or simply isn’t ready for the spotlight.

  • How well does the consultant comprehend your business? Few consulting firms really learn about their clients’ work. It takes time; it takes extra effort. But how can a company that doesn’t understand what you do and how you do it hope to help you do it even better?

For example: If you’re looking for a consultant to help you implement Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) — Oracle’s array of tools for managing your enterprise’s material, financial and human resources — you’ll want someone who is willing to let you teach them about your industry as well as your place in it. Only then will the consultant be able to help you make the most of your EBS investment, designing and deploying specific strategies that maximize your supply chain, financial planning, human capital, and customer relationships.

  • How does the consultant’s infrastructure further your business’s success? Satisfied customers and satisfied bookkeepers remain two of the most important metrics for success in the modern marketplace. Do the resources on which your consultants rely make only their work easier, or do they allow the consultants to work harder to meet your best interests?

For example: If you’re looking for a consultant to help you implement Oracle Fusion Middleware — products that bridge gaps between your operating system or database and your applications, creating a seamless and engaging experience for your customers — you’ll want someone whose infrastructure is up-to-date, taking full advantage of such technologies as cloud computing. You’ll want consultants with a dedicated center of excellence (CoE), staffed by highly trained experts who develop and update knowledge processes. These infrastructure advantages will help you optimize both customer relations and finite budgets.

  • How will the consultant help you leverage your business data? “Big data” is the watchword of early 21st-century business. It’s easy to see why. Never before has gathering so much information about who uses your products and services, when, and why been so easy. But if your consultant can’t help you analyze and interpret that data, why bother collecting the data at all?

For example: If you’re looking for a consultant to help you implement Oracle Business Intelligence — a suite of tools for distributing visually stunning analytics across your enterprise that will empower people to make smarter and faster decisions — you’ll want someone who pursues an integrated approach to analytics. You’ll want consultants who can not only analyze where your organization currently stands but also envision with you where it might go. Powerful, scalable, flexible analytical solutions will help you capitalize on what you learn about your customers.

Evoke Technologies — A “Triple Threat” Oracle Consultant

We don’t act, sing or dance (at least, not on company time), but we at Evoke Technologies are a “triple threat” among Oracle consulting firms, and may well be the consulting partner you’re looking to cast!
What will we bring to the role?

  • Over a decade’s experience designing and deploying customer-centric IT solutions to business challenges
  • The accumulated expertise of a highly trained (and constantly training) cadre of software engineers who are available to you 24/7
  • An infrastructure that includes a CoE and utilization of data center and cloud solutions
  • The authorized status of Oracle Gold partnership, giving us access to the latest technological advancements
  • A steadfastly customer-centric perspective

With an Evoke Technologies Oracle consulting partnership, you’ll see measurable and meaningful results from your Oracle applications. To get started, please contact our Oracle Sales Director Greg Melville by phone (+1 937 660-4928) or email (gmelville@evoketechnologies.com); or visit us online. Learn today why Evoke Technologies is recognized as a leader in offering Oracle consulting services.

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