Stay cutting-edge in a rapidly competitive market. In the age of data and information, you can’t afford to hire an ill-equipped Oracle consulting partner.

As a CIO or  IT Leader of a highly technical industry such as electronics, pharma, or industrial manufacturing, you may be aware of the necessity of effective Oracle EBS or Oracle BI solutions in order to compete in the current economic environment. Oracle has produced the standard in managing business processes. A lackluster or imprecise implementation of Oracle as a result of a poor Oracle partnership can negatively affect your IT goals of smooth, rich data-tracking and current analytical tools essential for modern competition and end user satisfaction.
Consider what may have been lacking in past implementations that Evoke Technologies can correct and supersede. In the past, a lack of technical expertise, being over-budget, or stark inefficiencies in integration and interoperability have driven CIO’s and IT Leaders to struggle when more research into a proper Oracle partnership could have been the springboard to success with Oracle. It’s time to get it right.
Typical challenges you may be asking yourself about concerning Oracle implementation can include:

    • How do I ensure that I can manage all my integrations and not have to rewrite it every time an end system changes?
    • How do I ensure that my test coverage is comprehensive and proactive?
  • What do I do about my ever increasing database size? – just throwing hardware at it is not an option.

The Evoke Difference: All the Right Pieces in Place for a Successful Oracle Partnership

oracle partnershipHere, we’ll examine the primary ways in which Evoke Technologies sets itself apart when offering its Oracle partnership services. We’ll also talk about a major competitive advantage with Evoke as we offer onsite/onshore/offshore models as well as a customized hybrid model just for you.  

  • “End-to-End Means A More Comprehensive Partnership”

Businesses everywhere feel the pressure of a constantly-changing technological environment. Challenged to integrate systems effectively and without a hitch, IT Leaders find themselves scrambling to research and implement as soon as possible. Often times, in their haste to upgrade to cutting-edge data and analytic systems, IT Leaders fall victim to a lack of skill and the right technical expertise when implementing other companies’ Oracle partnership practices.
Such a situation can often lead to an increase in expenditures and may prove costly to your enterprise. Evoke Technologies has deep industry expertise and uses a flexible delivery model when implementing Oracle e-Business suite. Evoke Technologies also provides deep-domain expertise and technical knowledge to get it right every time according to your unique needs.
At Evoke Technologies, end-to-end service means providing a comprehensive implementation that eases the stress and burden of the day-to-day analytical and data-driven work you pride yourself on.

  • “Key Differentiators and Why The Evoke Advantage Works”

Cross functional and multi-disciplinary industry experience is key when searching for the right Oracle partnership. Evoke not only specializes in the Oracle suite for businesses but also has adaptable, flexible, well-trained, and experienced staff for a variety of software implementations. This means that Evoke can truly be your one-stop shop for how to navigate and stay ahead of the complexity of your changing industry environment.
Proven project management experience ensures your project stays on-time and within budget. There is nothing more frustrating for an IT Leader than to implement a new system and find that it takes a lot of time and costs more money than expected to implement!

  • “A Model That Works For You: The Onsite, On-Shore, Off-Shore Hybrid”

By working within an onsite, on-shore, off-shore hybrid model, Evoke Technologies reduces cost and maximizes profits all by making sure that data is accurate in order for you to make informed and timely decisions based on statistical analysis. Simply put: we want to implement Oracle in a way that best suits your needs. We also provide onsite expertise where needed and offer U.S.-based resources to help coordinate efforts between your staff and Evoke’s. Find out more about our flexible and customized engagement models and some of the ways in which Evoke offers versatility in terms of staffing, delivery model, and contract structure.
If you believe that end user satisfaction, working within your budget, and having a flexible, integrated system are of paramount importance, make the right choice for your business.
Call Evoke Technologies at (937) 202-4161 or find out more about how simplified solutions for everyday challenges can be at your fingertips now!

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