QA software takes advantage of certain testing processes for an accurate workflow. See how this can benefit both end users and system admins

QA SoftwareEnsuring that business processes are functioning to their full capacity is an integral step in quality assurance, and QA software can pinpoint any interfering errors within a CMS. One of the most effective ways to locate these issues is through QA testing. Here are a few examples of how you can best provide proactive support to your systems.

QA Software Support

  1. End-to-End Testing
    Simply put, end-to-end testing is a QA software process that analyzes the flow of data from starting point to finish point. Think of it like a supervisor observing a general workflow, in order to see if changes should be made in an employee’s schedule. This type of testing is an ideal application for checking early on in the software life cycle, and is a viable choice for checking maintained data integrity.
  2. Manual Testing
    Another accurate method for testing with QA software is a standard manual test. In this test, a software engineer takes on the role of an end user, and explores the day-to-day tasks to see if any issues occur from personal use. Once systems are launched, it’s a great way to check for correct behavior, and allows a first-hand experience into the software during the start of its life cycle. Outside of the exploratory method, a manual tester can be given prompts to find more specific issues, or to work within specific sections that may affect end users, giving it flexibility.
  3. Automation Testing
    Automation testing software performs the valuable process of recording test results and performing tests against the results for more precise answers. With additional tests performed in successive order, engineers can locate persistent errors, as well as those that may have slipped through the cracks. The created testing strategy would work within the confines of a programmed framework, as to avoid overlap. This test serves as a benefit over manual testing, in that it can be performed overnight or off peak hours without much oversight.
  4. Security Testing
    While ensuring business processes go unhindered, methods of quality assurance should also assist in the maintenance of the system security. QA software is implemented to observe potential security flaws and open windows, and isolates the issues for repair. This prevents outside interference and data theft. And with the consistent report of web hacks and data leaks within the news, having additional security checkpoints within your systems may prove more as a benefit than a hindrance. 

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