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Microsoft launched SharePoint in 2001 with an intention to enable enterprises to improve their productivity by collaborating seamlessly. Currently, Microsoft SharePoint has more than 125 million active users across the world. SharePoint development enables business enterprises to implement and customize collaboration and document management solutions to suit their growing business needs. Furthermore, SharePoint has revolutionized the way document sharing is managed by enterprises. SharePoint has established itself as one of the most innovative collaboration platform both in terms of growth and revenue generation.
Microsoft has continued to improve SharePoint by offering new and improved features, which have been received with a welcoming response from its users. During the last few years with the increased adoption of cloud technologies, there has been a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted. Additionally, enterprises are looking for user-friendly solutions that can be deployed quickly to address their business problems. To meet the requirements of growing enterprises, Microsoft is coming out with SharePoint 2016, which would allow growing businesses to address their critical business requirements.

How Can SharePoint Stay Relevant?

What has ensured the dominance of SharePoint development so far are the unique features and functionalities (such as workflows, dashboards and customizable solutions). In the coming years, SharePoint can retain its existing demand by following the suggestions below:

  1.       sharepoint developmentBy continuing to adopt a cloud-based approach, it can ensure faster upgrade cycles and simplify the way information is shared and integrated with frequently used workplace programs.
  2.       Microsoft has to craft out a similar strategy they used for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 by offering SharePoint developers innovative tools that allow them to make SharePoint more interesting for the end-users. Why would anyone consider uploading document to SharePoint sites when they can easily share it via OneDrive or email, some differentiation or value addition has to be created.
  3.       The end-users––IT staff and business owners––should feel involved in the SharePoint development process so as to appreciate it. To ensure this, it is important to involve end-users right from the initial planning to the final deployment stage so that they are aware of the usability of the new solution instead of introducing them midway or at the end of the process to a rather complicated solution. Through its marketing campaigns, Microsoft needs to highlight the advantage of embracing SharePoint solutions by bridging any gaps that exist in training end-users.

Future of SharePoint Development

Microsoft has embraced the cloud technology to innovate and deliver innovative experiences, provide value to its end-users, partners, and clients. Microsoft SharePoint has evolved in the cloud domain with the launch of Office 365 that delivers powerful experiences in the area of mobility, workforce collaboration and intelligence among other things. Microsoft knows that although cloud is the future, but on-premises version will continue to remain in demand. In 2016, Microsoft is planning to release the on-premises version of SharePoint with enhanced security and better tool sets for easy administration. Recently, Microsoft has announced the strategy around SharePoint that revolves around:
Enhanced User-Experience – To enable the end-users and developers enjoy a great experience working on SharePoint, Microsoft is going to make it more personalized, flexible and mobile friendly.
Hybrid Approach– To allow IT staff to entirely focus on core practices and innovation, Microsoft will provide a cloud-based infrastructure to enable a seamless execution of administrative processes and tasks.
Improved Security – The solutions created using SharePoint will be made more secure by reducing data loss, making enhancements in managing access rights and by employing tools for document and file retention.
In the long run, Microsoft wants to implement a cloud-first approach for users having affinity to both its cloud-centric and on-premises version so that they can get the best out of the two worlds. In SharePoint Server 2016, Microsoft has blended on-premises experiences with cloud to offer enhanced cloud experiences. Through SharePoint Server 2016, Microsoft has marched towards the next-gen of SharePoint development with hybrid cloud capabilities.

How Can You Leverage SharePoint?

With more than a decade’s experience in providing Microsoft consulting services to global clients, Evoke has built a strong expertise in and around Microsoft SharePoint services. We have been helping global enterprises in creating and deploying SharePoint solutions that improve their productivity goals and provide a quick ROI. What makes us stand apart from our competitors is the usage and implementation of proven engagement models coupled with our agile development approach to ensure the rapid deployment of SharePoint services. Here’s a quick look at our SharePoint services.

Evoke’s SharePoint Services

  •  SharePoint Implementation
  •  Configuration and Customization
  •  Planning and Integration
  •  Application Modernization
  •  Support and Administration

To make Evoke your one-stop SharePoint Services partner, please connect with us: +1 (937) 660-4925 or drop us an email at sales@evoketechnologies.com.

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