Windows SharePoint enhances productivity across the enterprise.

In the current marketplace, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is a popular and widely used tool used for collaborating and enhancing productivity. It provides a central repository for storing and sharing information and documents, which enables teams to collaborate and work on these items in real-time. In the rapidly changing world that is constantly on the move, enterprise collaboration can make a lot of difference in improving the productivity of teams across an organization.
Windows-SharePointWindows SharePoint Services help webmasters by providing them options to organize a collaborative environment over the Microsoft Windows platform. The Windows SharePoint services are generally designed using ASP.NET and make use of the Internet Information Services (IIS) server for hosting. A simple SharePoint webpage can be easily created by combining different components. These components are called modules or web parts and generally these are the ASP .NET pages that have been enhanced. Using Windows SharePoint Services it is relatively easy to create a web portal or a website using ASP .NET.

Here are the smart features of Windows SharePoint Services:

1.  Collaborate Smartly
Windows SharePoint Services takes a step ahead when it comes to team collaboration. It makes it is easy to create a collaborative workspace or shared workspace, wherein the team members can share and manage information. It further helps team members of an enterprise to be more productive and connected on the go. Additionally, there are certain enhanced features such as surveys, task lists and discussion forums that can be easily integrated.
2.   Efficient Workflow Management
Windows SharePoint Services helps in making an organization’s workforce more efficient by using well-defined and rule-based workflows. The day-to-day work processes can be automated by using Windows SharePoint Services. Starting from managing a schedule for paid time off (PTO) to project management, all such processes can be automated. Further, any changes made to the schedule, relevant stakeholders are informed via a notification, which ensure seamless communication.
3.  File Sharing
Windows SharePoint Services helps teams to share and manage information and documents on the intranet websites. Teams can access features such as check-in/checkout, version history and customized view. It is even possible for teams in an organization to easily store, retrieve and share files.
4.  Customizable
Websites that are created using Windows SharePoint Services have options to customize the layout using the smart features available in SharePoint. The website can be customized to suit the business requirements and the visual appearance of the website can be changed without using extensive coding.
5.  Information Management
Information such as contact details, announcements, discussions and website links can be easily stored and managed through Windows SharePoint Services. Not only there is a provision to use inbuilt lists, but one can also create customized lists in a website depending on the requirement of an organization.

Why Evoke?

Evoke Technologies is a one-stop shop for all your Windows SharePoint Services depending on your requirement. We will help your enterprise in enhancing its productivity and meeting the business objective. What makes us unique is the agile development approach followed by us along with proven engagement models, which expedite the deployment stage.
Our expertise and experience in developing, maintaining and administering Windows SharePoint Services for our clients is best-in-class. We have a successful track record in providing WSS implementation to global clients.

Our SharePoint services include:

  •  Implementation Services
  •  Configuration and Customization
  •  Planning and Integration
  •  Application Modernization Services
  •  Support and Administration

To know more about Evoke’s world-class IT services, please connect with us: +1 (937) 660-4925 or drop us an email at

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