How to Create Smarter Style Sheets Using LESS CSS

In my previous blog, we discussed about the features and advantages of LESS CSS preprocessor. I am sure after evaluating the advantages and the robust features of LESS CSS preprocessor, you might be really keen to try out LESS CSS. Here’s a step-by-step guide that would help designers / developers to configure and use LESS CSS processor. LESS CSS – Step-by-Step Guide The entire LESS CSS preprocessor installation process has

Hadoop – Counters in MapReduce API with Example

Big data is gaining massive popularity in today’s information-driven era. It is considered as one of the hottest IT buzzwords in 2015. It has the potential to solve key business problems by taming large volumes of data and creating meaningful insights. In order to maximize its potential developers are relying on parallel processing architectures, such as Hadoop etc., to process large amounts of data. The