Keep the guesswork out of the business agenda. Explore 8 tech trends to stay nimble in 2022.

The efficiency and transformative possibilities of today’s breakthrough technologies are tremendously exciting. For businesses, staying on top of the trends has become critical and a necessity. Business challenges and the subsequent innovations influenced by Covid-19 were quite evident in 2021 and many enterprises have embraced a digital-first approach. Technologies like augmented reality, automation, contactless services, and virtual reality have garnered a lot of traction

Efficient workplace communication and its changing dimension

Those who follow cricket would have been rather perplexed at the recent chain of events between the world’s largest cricket board and the most successful skipper. While we can say that the captain was unceremoniously removed from his captaincy, the cricket board has all the rights to take such a decision. On the other hand, the outgoing ODI captain also spoke openly to the