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BPM (Business Process Management) assists in achieving the right objectives, yields organizational efficiency and improves quality. BPM realigns processes to benefit the organization by connecting systems, processes, people and data, which accelerates work, decreases costs and helps achieve desired goals. Further, it eliminates complex processes that hinder business empowerment and growth.

Best BPM Solutions — Insightful, Efficient and Flexible

  • BPM enhances automation, eliminates recurrence in workflows, bottlenecks and improves productivity.
  • Within the existing competitive field, BPM helps organizations improve agility and keeps them ahead of the competition while adapting to changes and making progress.
  • BPM streamlines processes and reduces the costs of IT operations.
  • BPM solutions improve delegation and reduce time spent on unproductive activities and in turn improve revenue and reduce wastage.
  • Achieve greater visibility through BPM, control processes as per organizational needs. BPM enables enterprises to identify bottlenecks with increased visibility and make appropriate changes for accelerating growth.
  • BPM promotes an active and happy workforce; the simplified process and automation enable employees to be more happy and productive.
  • BPM eliminates the risk of fraud through execution and monitoring, within the chaotic processes.

Reckon maximum utilization with minimal resources

How would you select the best BPM solutions amongst the huge selection spread in the market?
Through optimization, automation, monitoring, and modeling, BPM enables increased profitability. Primarily, that is the entire undertaking, it implies that processes that are unstructured and unpredictable can be managed and for this purpose, it is essential to choose a suitable fit.
BPM software can’t be bought off the shelf at the store, evaluating its uses and determining how best to use it to yield business benefits is very crucial and this is at the front of all the other concerns you may have before picking the right one. Here are seven recommendations from Evoke’s BPM experts to identify and evaluate the best BPM solutions. 

1. Face the challenge

The first thing to do is to address the problems, define them and find a capable solution to solve it. Whether it is poor customer service, increased employee hours, bad quality of the product, costs, compliance or other governance issues. It could be old manual, low-tech processes such as email, spreadsheets, etc. Understand the scenarios, predetermine the things you want to improve and analyze what kind of solution will help you in the best way to solve the accurate pain points.

2. Understand its depth

How well can you identify the primary issues you’re facing within your organization. BPM has the potential to address technology-related and human-centric process issues as well.
It is essential to dig deeper and comprehend where do the BPM solutions come into the picture? Answer questions as to the BPM solution you’re about to choose; does it address both the issues? Should you invest in a combination or implement individually for each of the component issues. Start questioning!

3. Learn more about the scope

Define the specific scope, how would you like BPM to solve specific process-related challenges. There are plenty of BPM solutions in the market which are limited to addressing the issues of a single department.
Learn the scope by measuring the number of users getting affected? How many processes in total? What are the systems and departments involved? Will the system scale up? What could be the timeline of the project and how to analyze the lifetime of the system? How will all this have an impact on the organization?
Understanding the scope will enable you to estimate your budget and that’s a step forward towards a wise decision.

4. Get an estimate of the scope (ROI)

Since the budget is planned, you’ve sown the seeds. If you’d have to hope that the BPM solution works well, what are the potential benefits you’d like to reap? Have a basic understanding of what your expectations are, calculate a tentative and imaginative ROI.
Apart from defining the budget, make sure you estimate an ROI based on the massiveness of the project, the time span, and the expected delivery capabilities. Browse through the vendors and examine the cost of the license, availability of services, if it is the perfect match, will it deliver the results you estimated within the time and budget you scoped?

5. Reach out, build and expand

Consulting excessively and researching is important to have your questions answered. Once you’ve defined your challenges, scope, and budget, choose the right people to give you advice on the matter of the project success. Seek expert advice on how to build a perfect team and execute the project in mind.

6. Facilitate implementation and control

Have a complete idea of the real life-changing conditions and priorities. Think about the post-implementation scenarios, answer questions about how to facilitate process changes and continually improve. Have a strong focus on change capabilities, learn how often do you have to modify or make changes?
Learn more about the system usability, end users, training, accessibility, support, etc., and be ahead of your challenges.

7. Know what to give and demand what you need

There are specific ideas and features that are important. However, not before you gain a complete idea of the challenges, budget, scope, the methodology of the project.
Once you have an idea of what you need, brainstorm on it and list out the must-haves. For example, mobile interface — is that a must? Answer such questions and select the appropriate solution that meets your needs and help your company grow with the best you can provide.

What Evoke offers?

Evoke offers best BPM solutions, which enables enterprises to effectively manage their business processes. Our BPM consulting services are designed to streamline business processes, workflows and improve overall business efficiency. We have been assisting global enterprises by creating workflows around their business processes and improving overall productivity and lowering associated costs.
Evoke recommends the best BPM solutions to its clients to overcome their business challenges. We have been highly successful in suggesting improvements in their existing workflows by being innovative and applying creative BPM solutions to emerging business challenges.
To know more about our BPM Consulting services and our approach towards BPM, please contact our sales team at  +1 (937) 660-4923.

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