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SharePoint 2013 is considered as one of the best enterprise collaboration software. From extensive features like document management to enhanced business intelligence, SharePoint offers it all. Microsoft has been releasing hot fixes, updates and service packs for SharePoint on a regular basis. Using Microsoft SharePoint 2013, enterprises can quickly create and deploy intranets, websites, blogs, surveys, Wikis, manage document libraries, digital assets and achieve much more. Let’s take a look at some of the exceptional capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Improving Workflows Across the Enterprise With Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint 2013Intranet/Extranet
By using SharePoint, enterprises can quickly develop amazing internal or public facing websites. The internal/external websites created by SharePoint are optimized for search engines. Developers can add meta tags, meta descriptions, and create search engine friendly URLs. Furthermore, SharePoint takes care of optimizing web sites for mobile and desktops.
Enterprise Content Management System
Organizations that have enormous multimedia assets such as images, videos, documents etc., can make use of SharePoint 2013 to efficiently manage their repositories. With SharePoint, it is possible to store all the digital content centrally and reuse it across an intranet or extranet. The inherent search functionality makes it very simple for users to locate documents without having to scroll the entire repository.
Business Intelligence
The Business Intelligence (BI) feature in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 allows users to perform smart queries, visualize data models, create charts etc., making it very easy to perform data analysis. Users can quickly create dashboards, model data, and extract reports. Additionally, SharePoint also makes it easy to retrieve business insights and analytics by using the latest BI tools. Apart from this, Microsoft Excel has been tightly integrated with SharePoint 2013, which makes it even smarter.
Mobility Support
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 new features offer enhanced support across mobile devices, leading to superior mobile browsing experience. While you are away from work, Microsoft SharePoint 2013 keeps you connected on the go, making collaboration easy. The push notification feature ensures that you do not miss out any important meeting, task, or activity. Using Office Web Apps, it is possible to edit the documents downloaded from SharePoint 2013 on a smartphone. Additionally, websites or internet portals created using SharePoint are auto-optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to view these on any mobile device right from tablet to any high-end smartphone.
Search Capabilities
SharePoint allows users to effortlessly find the information that they are looking for. Moreover, SharePoint users can customize and narrow down their search results using the advanced search functionality.
The features offered by SharePoint 2013 are powerful enough to improve the productivity of any enterprise. SharePoint 2013 has drastically changed the way employees work and collaborate in a business environment. Enterprises should start implementing SharePoint solutions in order to gain unparalleled productivity features, which would help them to surge ahead of their competitors.

Looking for SharePoint 2013 implementation in your organization?

Consider partnering with Evoke Technologies, a leading IT services company with more than a decade’s experience in offering Microsoft consulting services. Furthermore, Evoke has partnered with TekDog and Nintex, which are leading providers of SharePoint workflow solution and Evoke is a part of the Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Network, making them highly competent in SharePoint implementation.
Evoke’s SharePoint services help enterprises to streamline their workflow and collaboration activity thus helping them enhance their productivity.

Here’s a quick overview of Evoke’s SharePoint 2013 services

  •         SharePoint Implementation and Administration
  •         Office 365 and SharePoint Development
  •         Planning and Integration
  •         Configuration and Customization
  •         Application Modernization Services
  •         Support and Administration

Evoke understands the challenges faced by enterprises due to poor SharePoint implementation. Hence, their endeavor remains to help enterprises implement the right SharePoint solutions for their business, which can boost their productivity. Consider Evoke as your IT partner for all your SharePoint service requirements.
Call Evoke Technologies at (937) 202-4161 (Select Option 2 for Sales) to give your company a competitive edge with Evoke’s customer focused solutions for everyday challenges.

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