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Microsoft has been constantly improving SharePoint to meet the growing demands and evolving requirements of the modern workforce. In an endeavor to encourage the adoption of cloud services, Microsoft is all set to launch SharePoint 2016, which is going to be the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint, therefore making effective Microsoft SharePoint Solutions Microsoft has already released its beta version in Q4 of 2015 and is now gearing up to launch the final version in the second quarter of 2016.
SharePoint 2016 is going to be packed with exciting new features. The good news is that SharePoint 2016 provides hybrid features that would enable enterprises to provide hybrid solutions e.g. hybrid sites, hybrid OneDrive, cloud hybrid search. Further, these features provide a smooth and consistent experience for users in an office environment. Additionally, for enterprises that want to make the most out of cloud and simultaneously want to continue using the on-premises features for managing workloads SharePoint 2016 is a perfect choice.
Let’s explore some of the exciting features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016:

Cloud Centric

SharePoint 2016 is the first version of SharePoint which has been built ‘from the cloud down’. It deeply reflects Microsoft’s affinity towards mobile-first, cloud-first strategy. The primary focus of SharePoint 2016 remains on introducing hybrid capabilities, cloud technology and mobile accessibility. However, if your enterprise is not too keen about adopting the ‘Cloud’  there is a provision to opt out, although Microsoft is clearly giving priority to the cloud first strategy.
By taking advantage of these new capabilities and offerings of SharePoint 2016, enterprises will be able to save and retrieve vital information effortlessly, further all the information can be quickly accessed via your mobile device. Additionally, SharePoint’s cloud hybrid search option lets users search for documents both online as well as offline. Further, Microsoft went ahead and incorporated some of the existing features of Office 365 and Delve in SharePoint 2016.

Revamped Interface

SharePoint 2016 is going to provide its users the feel of Office 365. If you are an avid SharePoint user then you might be familiar with the ribbon present in the 2013 version of SharePoint, this is going to be interchanged with an application launcher and files which are present in Office 365. The intent of this change is to make the user experience less complex, especially for users who are used to the Office 365 environment, this new change will eliminate confusion for users.

Improvements in File Size Limit

Earlier versions of SharePoint restricted the file size limit to 2 GB (upload/download). Although, this restriction never posed any obstruction to its users, however, there could be instances where a user wants to upload or download large files, such as HD videos or high quality images. To remove this constraint, a 10 GB file size upload/download limit has been set in the upcoming version of SharePoint 2016. 

Improved Performancemicrosoft sharepoint solutions

When it comes to technical competency, SharePoint 2016 has improved considerably. In the previous versions, 10 million items per index partition was only attainable, whereas in the SharePoint 2016 version, the number has been increased to 500 million. Additionally, traffic management will become effective as SharePoint allows users to configure Distributed Cache servers to load balance farm traffic using inbuilt tools.

Support for Touch-Screens

The 2016 version of SharePoint is extremely mobile-friendly and it has been designed to provide support for touch functionality. Irrespective of the device used by the user, SharePoint 2016 would provide a seamless and smooth mobile navigation experience.

Make the Most of Your SharePoint Technology Investments

With the rapidly changing technology landscape, it is essential for enterprises to adapt emerging technologies to accelerate performance. You need to ensure that your enterprise not only thrives in this competitive environment, but also stays a step ahead of your competition. Your decision of choosing a strong and reliable Microsoft SharePoint Solutions partner can help you gain maximum out of your technology investments.
When it comes to improving workflow development, Evoke stands out for more than a few reasons. To start, Evoke solves business process problems. We don’t just settle for doing what’s asked and providing a simple fix. Instead, we view ourselves as solution partners. We ask what are you trying to accomplish? What’s the overall goal or objective for your workflow designs? How will these be used to enhance workflows across the enterprise?
This advantage is paired with our powerful partnerships to deliver the deep-domain expertise necessary to go from basic SharePoint implementation to truly robust workflow development.
Below, we highlight these partnerships:

Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership

We receive expert guidance from Microsoft consultants on growing and developing our Microsoft practices with design, project planning, and architecture. Due to this advantage, we have been successful in providing reliable, scalable and flexible solutions for workflow development.

Nintex Partnership

This technology partnership with the leading SharePoint workflow firm will enable our clients to bridge the gap between existing SharePoint features and their unique needs. Nintex allows users to create SharePoint workflows easily with thousands of pre-set workflow designs. When compared to SharePoint, Nintex is highly user-friendly and offers powerful features.

TekDog Partnership

Evoke has also partnered with TekDog Inc. a leader in SharePoint and Nintex user adoption and training services. Our technology partnership with TekDog allows us to provide efficient software and training to business enterprises. Using real business cases to train its students and fusing online accessibility to its training, TekDog is poised to be a strong leader in SharePoint adoption for Evoke’s clientele. With over 4,000 customers (every one a SharePoint or Nintex user), this partnership is a valuable one.
Evoke Technologies is a well-known brand in the IT services industry, with more than a decade of experience we have been assisting global clients in improving their productivity and ROI. Our wide experience and expertise in Microsoft SharePoint solutions makes us stand apart from other IT service firms. We help our clients identify suitable Microsoft SharePoint solutions after carefully analyzing their current IT environment. Our range of Microsoft SharePoint solutions include:

  • Workflow Development
  •  SharePoint Implementation
  •  Configuration and Customization
  •  Planning and Integration
  •  Application Modernization
  •  Support and Administration

You can rely on Evoke and make us your trustworthy Microsoft SharePoint solutions partner. Please call us on: +1 (937) 660-4925 or drop us an email at

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