Mobile Application Automation Testing

Mobile Application Automation Testing with Visual Studio Integration and Xamarin

Mobile application automation testing is a challenging activity when compared to web automation testing. There are a number of factors that influence mobile application automation testing, including platform fragmentation, restrictions imposed by mobile device operating systems and the ever-increasing complexity of modern mobile applications. Moreover, with the increasing demands from enterprises to deliver high-quality products with fewer resources and in limited time can be

User Experience Wins Customers – Find Out How

Currently, our interface with the digital realm surpasses human connections. Along with User Experience, UI is a medium through which we communicate with software applications and IT systems. Hence, it is essential to develop a superlative UI, which is user-friendly and offers seamlessly user engagement. Further, a carefully crafted UI design enables users to effortlessly access various features and appreciate the functionality. A good

Automation Mobility

Automation is Eating up Software, What's with the Appetite?

Is Automation the beginning of revolution or it ends at that? We have seen how computers have enhanced most of the traditional industries and leveraged automation as a part of Industrial Revolution 3.0. And now, as part of the fourth wave, the regularly used software would change radically in days to come. Let’s start with present day state (lets name it as “legacy”) of

Mobile App Bot

Disrupt Enterprise Workflows with Mobile App Bots

If you envisage your mobile application as your office, then it’s time you start considering app bots as your office assistants. Think of a layer above the complex workflows that disrupts all hierarchical flows and gives you what is important to you —introducing you to the mobile app bot. A mobile app bot can interface with you via voice, chat, gesture or simply by observing your

Enterprise Mobile App

Considering Enterprise Mobile App Development? Read These 4 Tips

We are witnessing rapid advancements and proliferation of new technologies in the field of mobility. Businesses are realizing that harnessing these technologies to address their business problems is paramount to their success. Further, CIOs and CTOs are keen to exploit such emerging mobile technologies to transform their business workflows—this paradigm shift is propelling a significant increase in adoption for enterprise mobile apps. A U.S.-based

Enterprise Mobility

Need To Bust Myths About Mobility Services? Here’s Help!

Are any (or all) of these three commonly held misconceptions about enterprise mobility holding your company back? Learn the truth and move forward with mobile solutions! As a savvy IT professional, you know your company will benefit from adopting both outward- and inward-facing mobility services as part of your business strategy. But do you need help changing minds in the C-suite? We’ve heard a

Three Key Truths Your Mobility Service Must Understand

As today’s marketplace increasingly goes mobile, consulting firms that provide mobile technology solutions must appreciate some key insights. The trend is dramatic and irreversible: Desktop computing continues to decline (from 90% to 60% in just three years) while mobile computing continues to climb (at 40% and higher). It’s a profound shift with serious implications for how business is done in the 21st century. As


Mobile Sensors – The Game Changer in Mobile App Development

In today’s world of rapidly evolving mobile technologies, sensors are playing a key role in mobile app design and development. Present-day devices have mobile sensors embedded within their hardware and provide an inspiration to app developers for creating innovative mobile apps. Mobile sensors have certain special features that enable mobile devices to detect motion, touch, light and a user’s environmental conditions. Today’s mobile app

Hybrid App Development

Factors to Consider for Hybrid App Development

Many enterprises are often disillusioned with the process of creating standalone mobile applications i.e. creating mobile apps across the three main platforms, Android, iOS and Windows. The process of creating mobile apps individually for each platform can be challenging in terms of design, development and maintenance. As a result, many enterprises are looking to create hybrid apps, where they can use a single codebase and run it across multiple platforms. For hybrid app development, JavaScript,

Mobility in Healthcare

Mobility in Healthcare – Why it Matters?

Healthcare industry constantly faces the challenge of providing quality healthcare to patients, while complying with the strictest of privacy safeguards. The journey of a patient usually starts with an initial diagnosis, then followed by a treatment, which often involves transfers between acute care, post-acute care, ambulatory care and home healthcare. If patient’s medical records are not transferred timely at each and every stage, it can have a detrimental effect on