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Some reasons why you may need to outsource RPA Turnkey Projects include

  • Resource Constraints,
  • Complexity of Processes,
  • Lack of Automation Strategy,
  • Resistance to Change,
  • Technology Limitations,
  • Regulatory or Compliance Issues, and
  • Budgetary Constraints.

To address these challenges, you may require a combination of strategic planning, investment in resources and technology, organizational change management, and a commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Evoke’s Capabilities for Turnkey Projects

Evoke operates with a strategic delivery approach to design, develop, and deploy over more than 30 to 40 processes annually. We consistently elevate automation levels for our existing client base and introduce automation solutions to new customers.

Our Processes

  • Evoke will assess the potential opportunities and qualify whether they are suitable for Automation or not.
  • We will undertake an ROI analysis and enhance business benefits.
  • Return on Investment Analysis
    Our approach includes a comprehensive evaluation of Return on Investment (ROI) across multiple levels. This entails the presentation of both predictive ROI and Practical ROI to provide a thorough understanding of the potential value
  • Evoke Business Process Assessment
    Utilizing a simplified 3D model, Evoke conducts a meticulous assessment of business processes through the following stages:

    1. Define
      We articulate the process intricacies through a detailed Process Design Document (PDD).
    2. Design
      We conceptualize the entire scope as defined by the business, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.
    3. Deploy
      Following approval from the business, we proceed to develop and deploy the designed solution into production. This systematic approach guarantees a seamless integration of optimized processes.
  • Evoke will conduct Assessment for the Business processes in 4 steps
    1. Deep Dive Discussion
      Detailed discussion with Business about the process.
    2. Fitment Study
      Elevate the process to determine its suitability for robotization.
    3. Solution Plan
      Prepare plan, including Schedule, Cost and Delivery Plan for Automation.
    4. Process Analysis
      Create the AS-IS process and TO-BE process documentation for automation.
  • Processes are categorized into Simple, Medium and Complex models.
  • In the eventuality of non-availability of sufficient business processes for Automation, Evoke can extend the committed number of automations development and delivery in other areas like – IT Space or Virtual Agents, Chat Bots etc.

Key characteristics of RPA Turnkey Projects

  • End-to-End Solutions
    The Evoke team takes e2e responsibility for the entire automation project, from understanding the client’s requirements to delivering a fully operational and integrated RPA solution.
  • Process Customization
    The solution is tailored to meet specific needs and workflows of the client’s business processes. Evoke team works closely with the client to understand their unique requirements and objectives.
  • RPA Project Management
    Evoke Robot Factory team will adopt dynamic model, rapid model, Twister model to define timelines of RPA Projects to deliver 98% accurate. We collect tangible evidence while managing RPA assets this including planning, execution, monitoring, and coordination. This allows the client to focus on their core business activities while the RPA implementation is handled by experts.
  • Rapid Deployment
    Turnkey projects aim for efficient and quick deployment, allowing clients to realize the benefits of automation within a relatively short timeframe.
  • Fixed Price or Package
    Turnkey projects often come with a fixed price or a packaged pricing model, simplifying budgeting and cost considerations for the client.

iRobotic™ operates as a distinguished division within the Evoke Robot Factory. Leveraging the synergy of human intelligence and artificial algorithms, we are dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge technological solutions. The iRobotic™ lab consistently endeavours to deliver world-class innovations tailored to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed customers.

Industry Specific iRobots what we have built.

Industry specific iRobots what can build for you:

  • Accelerate RPA Journey with Gen-AI
  • iRobotic™ Services – Concatenation of Hyper automation and Gen-AI
  • iRobotic™ Services – BOTs with CoPilot + Gen AI
  • iRobotic™ Services – BOTs with Google Bard + Gen AI


All Machine critical applications will need 100% accurate processes and 001% devotion in process will lead system into wrong direction. our iRobotic™ Health care services will provide 100% accurate BOT process solutions for most of health care applications processes.

  • Patient monitoring iRobs™
  • Patient insurance eligibility iRobs™
  • AI enabled Patient health history iRobs™.
  • Gen-AI iRobs™ for Patient health cost estimator for insurance.
  • AI – iRobs™ for Legal support for Health care insurance.

HR and Recruitment

HR AI – iRobs™ will dig candidature deep from world real time history and explain social candidates’ nature and provide 70-80% judgement weather candidate is suitable for the organization or not. This will help HR department to reduce Background cost and get right fit for client need.


Procurement is a key area for any manufacturing company. Our Gen-AI procurement iRobs™ will help to predict and provide raw materials availability, current cost and estimated cost with transportation and recommend which area raw materials are best fit for a manufacturing unit. This will save organizations tangible cost benefit initially to take right judgement on actual and anticipate demand of raw material supply.

Retail Business

  • E-commerce iRobs™ Solutions
    Developing and optimizing e-commerce platforms.
  • Integrating online payment gateways
    Implementing secure and user-friendly shopping cart systems.
  • Point of Sale (POS) iRobs™ Systems
    Analysis of POS software and hardware solutions.
  • Customizing POS
    systems to meet specific business requirements.
  • Integrating POS
    with inventory management and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • iRobs™ for Mobile App testing
    Creating mobile apps for retailers to enhance customer engagement. Developing loyalty programs and mobile payment solutions.
  • iRobs™ for Supply Chain Management
    Optimizing supply chain processes for efficient inventory management. Implementing to read RFID data and other technologies for real-time tracking from live data by using iRobs.
  • iRobs™ for Supply Chain Management
    Optimizing supply chain processes for efficient inventory management. Implementing to read RFID data and other technologies for real-time tracking from live data by using iRobs.
  • iRobs™ for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
    Utilizing data analytics tools to gain insights into customer behaviour and preferences. Implementing business intelligence solutions to make data-driven decisions.
  • iRobs™ for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Developing and implementing CRM systems to manage customer interactions. Integrating CRM with other systems for a holistic view of customer data.
  • iRobs™ for Custom Software Development
    Developing tailor-made Robot solutions to address specific business challenges. Integrating different software systems for a seamless workflow.
  • iRobs™ for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions
    Implementing AR/VR technologies for immersive shopping experiences. Creating virtual try-on solutions for fashion and accessories.

Banking and Finance Sector.


  • iRobs™ for Training and Consultation
    Offering training programs for staff on new technologies and processes. Providing consultation services to help businesses stay updated with industry trends.


Media & content management.

  • iRobs™ for Digital Marketing
    Running targeted online marketing campaigns.
  • Utilizing social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to increase online visibility.


  • Health Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • House Insurance
  • Commercials building Insurance.

Consumer Technology

  • Oil and Gas
  • Travel & ticketing.

Security and Infrastructure

iRobs™ for Security Solutions: Implementing cybersecurity measures to protect customer and business data. Installing surveillance and anti-theft systems for physical store security.

Benefits for Organizations

By adopting RPA-as-a-Service, organizations can realize cost savings, agility, and ease of management. This can enable them to leverage the benefits of robotic automation without incurring heavy upfront investments in infrastructure and technology.

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