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SAP Implementation and Upgrades

Our service spans the following areas:

Assist organizations in deploying SAP solutions tailored to their specific needs. This involves configuring SAP modules, integrating them with existing systems, and ensuring a smooth transition.

Help clients migrate to newer SAP versions (e.g., moving to SAP S/4HANA), ensuring compatibility, and optimizing features.

Data Migration and Integration

  • Seamless data migration from legacy systems to SAP. This includes data cleansing, transformation, and validation.
  • Integrate SAP with other applications (e.g., CRM, HR, finance) to enable real-time data exchange.

Cloud Migration and Hosting

  • Help organizations move their SAP systems to the cloud (e.g., SAP Cloud Platform).
  • Manage cloud infrastructure, security, and scalability.

Upgrade Planning and Assessment

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the existing SAP landscape. Evaluate system compatibility and identify potential issues.
  • Develop comprehensive upgrade plans, aligned to business needs and objectives.

System Preparations

  • Ensure that existing systems meet the hardware and software requirements for the new SAP version.
  • Perform system cleanup and optimization for improved performance.

Data Migration

  • Plan and execute data migration strategies to ensure a seamless transition of data to the upgraded system.
  • Validate data integrity post-migration.

Custom Code and Add-Ons Compatibility

  • Assess and adapt custom code and add-ons to be compatible with the new SAP version.
  • Test and modify existing custom developments as needed.

Testing Services

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive testing strategy, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.
  • Identify and address any issues arising during the testing phase.

Training and Change Management

  • Provide training sessions for end-users on the new features and functionalities.
  • Develop change management strategies to ensure a smooth transition and user adoption.

Performance Tuning

  • Optimize the performance of the upgraded SAP system.
  • Fine-tune configurations to meet specific business requirements.

Post-Upgrade Support

  • Offer ongoing support to address any post-upgrade issues or concerns.
  • Provide assistance with bug fixes, performance monitoring, and system optimization.


  • Create comprehensive documentation of the upgrade process, including configurations, customizations, and best practices.
  • Develop user manuals for the new features introduced in the upgraded SAP version.

Security and Compliance

  • Ensure that security measures are in place and compliance standards are met during the upgrade process.
  • Perform security assessments and implement necessary measures.

AIRUS™ (Artificial Intelligent Remote Upgrade Services)

  • Offer remote upgrade services, allowing organizations to upgrade their SAP systems without the need for on-site presence.
  • Automated System Assessment
  • Intelligent Planning and Scheduling
  • Smart Data Migration
  • Robot Validation
  • Chatbot Support for Users
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Continuous Monitoring and Optimization(Virtual Kimbal)
  • Automated Documentation Generation
  • AI-Based User Training
  • Cognitive Security Measures
  • Remote Monitoring and Support
  • Utilize AI-enabled remote monitoring tools to proactively identify and address issues without manual intervention

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