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Testing Center of Excellence

Quality Engineering Services Powered by Robust Testing CoE

Evoke’s Testing CoE holds deep expertise
in providing managed and
independent testing services.

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We help our customers accelerate their QA and Testing timelines and outcomes by implementing the right test strategies.

Our testing services offer a unique set of accelerators and frameworks supported by our experienced test engineers to successfully guide our clientele. We leverage our in-house tools, methods, and frameworks to reduce the overall test delivery cost.

Our Key Competencies

18+ years of experience in software testing and QA consulting

Processes in compliance with ISO 9001 & 27000 Certified

900+ completed testing projects since 2003

Agile and highly Responsive Testing Services

200+ full-time QA professionals experienced in complex projects

In-house Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

Service Offerings

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Security Center of Excellence (CoE)

We have supported our clients in understanding and remediating Application Security Vulnerabilities reported by 3rd-party pen testers. Our experts also assist our clients in upgrading third-party vulnerablelibraries in use and choosing appropriate third-party libraries to ensure Application Security.

  • Trained QA & DEV teams on Application Security Vulnerabilities and Secure Coding Practices
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) within sprint cycles using Open-Source tools like OWASP ZAP
  • Design/Solution/Secure Code Reviews within sprint cycles
  • Security Center of Excellence (CoE) that supports all teams/clients across the organization while performing on-demand 3rd-party assessments
  • DevSecOps process in the Development environment


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