How SharePoint Services Can Help Enterprises Scale Up Collaboration

Utilizing Evoke’s partnership to streamline SharePoint Services can help you scale up collaboration across your enterprise. In today’s digital era, ‘cloud’ is a catapulting buzzword that is rapidly changing market dynamics. Globally, enterprises are increasingly in favor of adopting a cloud strategy. With the abating geographical barriers and the emergence of a global workforce, cloud has become a part of enterprise culture. Business enterprises

Microsoft SharePoint Services – Things You Need to Know Before Implementation

Stay cutting-edge in a rapidly competitive market. To implement SharePoint effectively, you need a flexible partnership from Evoke According to Microsoft, SharePoint’s market share in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space has skyrocketed to 66 percent. SharePoint is one of the fastest growing software products developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is also being pitched as a powerful and potentially invaluable tool for enterprise collaboration. For

Modernizing With SharePoint: Choosing the Right BPM Consulting Partnership

Trust the deep-domain expertise of Evoke to help implement SharePoint for you. Having the right partnership makes all the difference. When it comes to improving workflow designs and business process management across the enterprise, Evoke stands out for more than a few reasons. To start, Evoke solves business process problems. We don’t just settle for doing what’s asked and providing a simple fix. This,

Evoke Technologies Explains the Extensive Benefits of Enterprise Content Management

With our powerful Microsoft, Nintex, and TekDog partnerships, Evoke is poised to implement the benefits of ECM for your enterprise. As IT leaders in technology-driven industries, you demand deep-domain expertise and the ability to service your enterprise end-to-end in a partnership setting across many essential software platforms. During the development of your IT objectives, you no doubt have heard about the extensive benefits of

An Innovative Approach to SharePoint Implementation: Evoke Technologies’ Flexible Business Process Management

Stay cutting-edge in a rapidly competitive market. To implement SharePoint effectively, you need a flexible business process management partnership from Evoke. With SharePoint, Microsoft has produced the standard in managing business processes and communications. A lackluster or imprecise implementation of SharePoint as a result of a poor partnership can negatively affect your IT goals of smooth, rich communication, file-sharing, and centralization. The trends in