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5 Things That Will Change the Way You Approach Windows SharePoint Services

Windows SharePoint enhances productivity across the enterprise. In the current marketplace, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is a popular and widely used tool used for collaborating and enhancing productivity. It provides a central repository for storing and sharing information and documents, which enables teams to collaborate and work on these items in real-time. In the rapidly changing world that is constantly on the move, enterprise

Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Take Advantage of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 – With These 5 Features

Stay cutting-edge in a rapidly competitive market: SharePoint implementation with Evoke Technologies. SharePoint 2013 is considered as one of the best enterprise collaboration software. From extensive features like document management to enhanced business intelligence, SharePoint offers it all. Microsoft has been releasing hot fixes, updates and service packs for SharePoint on a regular basis. Using Microsoft SharePoint 2013, enterprises can quickly create and deploy