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Why Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Is No Luxury

It’s a great time to invest in and implement Microsoft SharePoint solutions for your commercial enterprise — just be certain your consultants can help make it succeed. The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) reports that one in two corporations use SharePoint Server. In 22% of those corporations, every employee takes advantage of the platform’s powerful collaborative capabilities. In addition, many Fortune 500

java development

Why Your Business Must Consider Java Application Development

When your enterprise is developing internal or external applications, it can’t afford to ignore Java, the world’s most popular computer programming language. Since its introduction in 1995, Java has become, arguably, the most popular computer programming language in the world.   Java boasted a 52% market share in 2015. Globally, 9 million developers use Java. Java runs on 7 billion devices worldwide. As of

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A Microsoft CRM Consultant Guide to Bettering Your Business Communications

Looking for ways to improve your customer relations? This Microsoft CRM consultant guide tells you how! When your business starts expanding, it’s time to move on from the standard forms of client communication and data compilation. The industry standard high-end softwares are perfect for integrating into pre-existing internal databases. Our Microsoft CRM consultant guide trains you on the knowledge and insight brought by the

Oracle DBA consultant

How Will Your Oracle Consultant Help You Use Oracle EBS?

Oracle EBS isn’t a single tool but several, and an Oracle consultant can help you customize this suite of solutions to your business’s maximum advantage. It’s easy to see why thousands of customers across all industries – manufacturing, automotive, health sciences, entertainment, retail, food and beverage and services – are using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). With more than 75 different software applications to choose