Design Considerations for Oracle Chart of Accounts/Accounting Structure

‘Accounting Structure’ is considered as the foundation of an ERP system. Analysis of the current system, along with the needs and objectives of the future ERP system must be conducted in detail to design an effective accounting structure. Many ERP projects have failed due to improper and poor design. Early identification of incorrect design helps to review and come up with the revised version

What It Takes To Be A “Triple Threat” Among Oracle Consulting Firms

When it comes to making the most of your company’s Oracle investment, you want to ensure your consulting firm is “the total package.” An entertainer who is a “triple threat” excels as an actor, dancer and singer. Casting directors covet triple threats because these performers can do anything a given production demands and make it look easy. They are, as an old theater saying

How Will Your Oracle Consultant Help You Use Oracle EBS?

Oracle EBS isn’t a single tool but several, and an Oracle consultant can help you customize this suite of solutions to your business’s maximum advantage. It’s easy to see why thousands of customers across all industries – manufacturing, automotive, health sciences, entertainment, retail, food and beverage and services – are using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). With more than 75 different software applications to choose

Managing Your System – How Oracle Consulting Companies Can Help Your Business

Oracle consulting companies are worth every penny for preparing management systems. See how they can help! Hiring a third-party consult agency is a major assistance for those starting to deal with higher-end management tech. According to Plunkett Research, the consulting industry, which includes Oracle consulting companies, expects global industry revenues of $470 billion, up $31 billion from the previous year. This consistent upswing is

How Evoke’s Oracle Consulting Services Help You Work Business Magic

In ancient Delphi, the Oracle—a priestess who inhaled mysterious vapors and uttered cryptic sayings—drew pilgrims from around the Mediterranean. Powerful and humble people alike made no major decision without consulting the Oracle. They believed she lived at the world’s center, and her magic wisdom was not to be ignored. In today’s marketplace, no companies consult mystic soothsayers (or if they do, they don’t admit

Competing in the Global Environment: The Oracle Partnership and How to Get it Right

Stay cutting-edge in a rapidly competitive market. In the age of data and information, you can’t afford to hire an ill-equipped Oracle consulting partner. As a CIO or  IT Leader of a highly technical industry such as electronics, pharma, or industrial manufacturing, you may be aware of the necessity of effective Oracle EBS or Oracle BI solutions in order to compete in the current