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5 Ways Cloud-Based Business Process Management Benefits Your Enterprise

If you haven’t considered the cloud as a resource for managing your business processes, here are 5 excellent reasons you should. Few technological developments in recent years have proven as transformative to modern business as has cloud computing. It has driven greater specialization and collaboration, both within and between organizations. It has facilitated easier data sharing and faster commercial transactions. It has empowered a

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3 Process Types A BPM Consulting Services Firm Suggests Moving To The Cloud

These 3 categories of business processes make excellent candidates as first moves in your enterprise’s migration to the cloud. Cloud computing today is about so much more than backing up data. As important as storing and securing your enterprise’s information off-premises remains, more and more businesses are moving not only their data but also their processes to the cloud. You’ve likely already decided your

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How BPM Services Let You See Your Business “In 3-D”

What do Hollywood’s 3-D blockbusters have in common with the fastest growing way to manage your business processes? Why are 3-D movies so popular? Govindini Murty of Libertas Film Magazine suggests one reason: “the trend in all our technology is toward recreating reality with greater detail in three dimensions.” The connection between 3-D movies and your business may not be readily apparent (unless you’re