Build Custom Business Intelligence Dashboards in Bonita BPM

Introduction Dashboard is a type of interface which provides business overview using different charts, graphs, and data tables. Bonita BPM provides the dashboard to monitor the processes, cases with performance details but not the Business Transactional data, which is often considered the most important type of data to monitor the business activities on a higher level. Bonita BPM is flexible enough to integrate third-party

How to Create a Custom Data Grid Widget in Bonita UI Designer

Bonita – the world’s fastest-growing open-source BPM provider offers an excellent UI design platform known as ‘Bonita UI Designer’. By using the exceptional features of Bonita UI designer, BPM developers can offer an ultramodern and improved experience to their business users and clients. The Bonita UI designer offers a number of default widgets such as text, link, image, container etc., which are quite helpful

How to Identify and Evaluate the Best BPM Solutions? 7 Tips from the Pros

Automate, analyze and monitor your workflow BPM (Business Process Management) assists in achieving the right objectives, yields organizational efficiency and improves quality. BPM realigns processes to benefit the organization by connecting systems, processes, people and data, which accelerates work, decreases costs and helps achieve desired goals. Further, it eliminates complex processes that hinder business empowerment and growth. Best BPM Solutions — Insightful, Efficient and Flexible

How to Build Custom Widgets Using Bonita BPM UI Designer

Most BPM platforms provide task-oriented user interface design tools that are optimized for simple process-based applications. However, as the application and process complexity increases, UI design tools struggle to meet the changing business and customer priorities. Realizing this need, Bonita – the fastest growing open-source BPM provider has developed a flexible UI design platform known as ‘Bonita UI Designer’. By using the advanced features of

5 Ways Cloud-Based Business Process Management Benefits Your Enterprise

If you haven’t considered the cloud as a resource for managing your business processes, here are 5 excellent reasons you should. Few technological developments in recent years have proven as transformative to modern business as has cloud computing. It has driven greater specialization and collaboration, both within and between organizations. It has facilitated easier data sharing and faster commercial transactions. It has empowered a

3 Process Types A BPM Consulting Services Firm Suggests Moving To The Cloud

These 3 categories of business processes make excellent candidates as first moves in your enterprise’s migration to the cloud. Cloud computing today is about so much more than backing up data. As important as storing and securing your enterprise’s information off-premises remains, more and more businesses are moving not only their data but also their processes to the cloud. You’ve likely already decided your

How BPM Services Let You See Your Business “In 3-D”

What do Hollywood’s 3-D blockbusters have in common with the fastest growing way to manage your business processes? Why are 3-D movies so popular? Govindini Murty of Libertas Film Magazine suggests one reason: “the trend in all our technology is toward recreating reality with greater detail in three dimensions.” The connection between 3-D movies and your business may not be readily apparent (unless you’re

Configuring SQL Server with Bonita BPM using JTDS

The Bonita Engine utilizes an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) to store information relating to the deployed process definitions, process configurations, history of process execution, users, etc. The installation comes with the H2 database as a default configuration. However, in the production environment, Bonita developers may need to use a robust database such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. Additionally, Bonita makes use of